Me and mine project – August in Seychelles

I can’t believe how quickly August has gone, another month down in our Seychelles adventure. We have had friends come out and visit which has been lovely, Arthur has loved having other people to show off to! Generally though we have just been making the most of the sunny island living!

Chris is loving:

  • Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming with Arthur

Sara is loving:

  • family time
  • swimming everyday with Arthur and Chris
  • Having a birthday in paradise

Arthur is loving:

  • Playing in the water
  • booby time
  • Giving kisses
  • Watermelon

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Beach days – Seychelles part one 

Living in the Seychelles has given us the most amazing opportunity to go to the beach most days. I thought it was about time I shared some of our beach adventures!! Trips to the beach start in our golf buggy which is how we get round the island! Arthur hasn’t quite got the hang of driving it yet!

One of the beaches on the small island we live is really flat and the water takes ages to get deep, so it’s been perfect for growing Arthur’s confidence in the sea and he loves just crawling in and out and splashing around with his toys.  We always have a bucket and spade, a digger truck and a ball with us, although not sure who plays with them more, Arthur or me and Chris!

Chris sometimes kayaks round to meet us which Arthur loves as he gets to play with daddy on the kayak! Although part of his fun was throwing himself off the kayak, he is very much a waterbaby!

One of the other beaches on our island is great for snorkelling. So we like to go and explore the fish life and Arthur enjoys the beach. He isn’t such a fan of playing in the water here as it gets a bit deeper and there are waves but he likes being held so his legs get moved by the gentle undercurrent. Because we are minutes away from the beach it makes it easy if Arthur gets tired or has a baby breakdown!

We are definitely making the most of what is on offer here and will miss it terribly when we leave in November.

We live on Eden Island an artificial island development just off Mahe, Seychelles where these photos were all taken; thanks to Abigail Williams for some of them.  If you like the photos please check me out on Instagram – Soppymum


Things to take when visiting a hot country with a baby

I have been living in the Seychelles for 2 months now and there are certain things that I am so pleased I have! These are the top 10 things that, at the moment, make my life easier with a one year old

1.  Avon skin so soft moisturising spray

A great mosquito repellent without any nasties, has worked brilliantly for us. Doubles up as good hydration for dry sun/sea/pool skin!

2.  Reuseable nappies.

So glad I made the decision to change to reuseable nappies. Perfect weather conditions for drying them and he can wear them as shorts. I chose Milovia wraps as they were slimline and had lovely patterns.

For swimming nappies I use tots bots and have put them thoroughly to the test and they are great! Save so much space in your bags rather than disposable ones. Perfect for any length holiday
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Beach body….

On the beach with my boys and we see some gorgeous, thin, tanned, thong wearing beauties! I looked at them well aware that my body was no longer a pre-pregnancy size 10! Instead I was a bit thicker, a wobbly tummy and had big veiny boobs.

Then I looked at my boys playing in the sun and thought, what the hell am I doing! I have the most amazing life. Yes my body isn’t what it was and it may never be again. But who gives a f#*k. This wobbly tummy housed my amazing son and my boobs are still providing him milk. So sod it, I’m going to ditch my skin covering tankinis and get myself a pretty bikini!

My body may not be perfect compared to the beauties on the beach, but right now it is perfect for the three most important people…my husband, my son and me.

I just need to keep reminding myself of this!!! Then when I get home and back to reality in a few months I can think again about losing it! Now is for enjoying family time and maybe a cocktail or two!

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